read android sensors (GPS)

flyinfrog shared this idea 6 years ago

dear geogebra team

what a cool feature to be able to read android sensors

may I make a suggestion, it would be major interrest to be able to read the GPS position

any project of working on this?

also there are a lot of device we can either connect to the smartphone via bluetooth

like this variometer for instance

or device you can plug in the jack slot like this one

and it would be great to be able to read those data too



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the app info says

Open the GeoGebra Sensors app on your mobile device. Select the the sensor(s) you want to use and enter your desired frequency of the data transfer.

Then, open the GeoGebra Web application (see in a web browser and activate the ‘Sensors’ option in the ‘View’ menu. Use the ‘Sharing Code’ provided in the Sensors app in order to activate the connection. You may also decide in which format the data of each sensor should be displayed in GeoGebra Web (e.g., Numbers, DataFunction, or List).

Press ‘Start’ in the GeoGebra Sensors app in order to start the data transfer.

i do not find sensors in menu

where is it?


ah and [size=150]++++++1[/size]

editing: now i see it . then i'll try it

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