Re-Re-Iteration of my favourite requests

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With all the splendid work going on with versions 4.4, 5 and tablet versions it almost feels stingy to request more features, however this has never stopped me before :smiley_cat:

This is a list of previous requests I that I feel need repeating because I feel they would increase the power and flexibility of GeoGebra. No doubt they will be difficult to implement but I have the greatest confidence in the development team.

* A more powerful way of defining functions so that a function can be defined using geometrical tools, a python program etc. Perhaps a limited function of some sort, like a locus, but at least something that can be visualized. See and

* Finding intersections and max/min points of loci and/or curves to allow investigations with more steps. If it can be plotted at all, these things aught to be possible See

* Error estimates for coefficients of regression. See

* Fitting bivariate data to lines and planes in 3D. See

* Function[ <list of points> ] as a secondary format to the already existing Function[ <list of values> ]. New request.

* Ann updated construction protocol which captures visibility changes and collects information about object properties in one singele location (similar to thumbnails) will greatly help tu understand what is happening. See

IMHO either one of these would be a great step forward and a couple of them would be a couple of great steps forward.

BTW - Thanks for the automatic sliders (see and solving systems of ODE's (see

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This seems to list the same requests as so I'll just close this one.

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