Re-iteration of my favorite requests :-)

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With all the splendid work going on with versions 4.4, 5 and tablet versions it almost feels stingy to request more features, however this has never stopped me before :smiley_cat:

This is a list of previous requests I that I feel need repeating because I feel they would increase the power and flexibility of GeoGebra. No doubt they will be difficult to implement but I have the greatest confidence in the development team.

* A more powerful way of defining functions so that a function can be defined using geometrical tools, a python program etc. Perhaps a limited function of some sort, like a locus, but at least something that can be visualized. See and

* Finding intersections and max/min points of loci and/or curves to allow investigations with more steps. If it can be plotted at all, these things aught to be possible See

* Error estimates for coefficients of regression. See

* Fitting bivariate data to lines and planes in 3D. See

* Long (!) list of polyhedra to pick from in 3D. See

* Zoom individual axes in 3D-view. New request but maybe it is possible already and I'm too dumb to figure out how :confused:

* Function[ <list of points> ] as a secondary format to the already existing Function[ <list of values> ]. New request.

* Visibility changes or status in construction protocol will greatly help tu understand what is happening. See

* Solving systems of ODE's. See

IMHO either one of these would be a great step forward and a couple of them would be a couple of great steps forward.

BTW - Thanks for the automatic sliders in 4.4 :D See

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Here are my favorites:

an auto color of functions option several at GeoGebra-na 2013 would like to see it as well

Algebra View to be visible when I export my applet, but I want some parts to be closed



A couple of updates:

* fitting bivariate data works with latest GeoGebra versions (

* zooming 3D axes works in

* autocoloring for functions works

* min/max for locus possible with Minimize / Maximize

* line/curve intersection works

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