Publishing your resources on GeoGebra

Simona Riva shared this idea 4 years ago

We released a cool new feature: there's a new and easy way to publish resources!

Check all details on this tutorial page.

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Dans les thèmes .... des thèmes qui me surprennent ...

et des formulations bizarres

  • Droite Sécante ou Sécante
  • Droite Tangente ou Tangente
  • Pythagore ou Théorème de Pythagore
  • Vecteurs 2D (dans le Plan)
  • Vecteurs 3D (Espace)

dans les catégories :

Collection : C'est quoi une collection ? Dans l'environnement GGb c'était un "book" traduit en français par moi en "recueil" puis l'autre a voulu modifier en "livret" sans que ceci soit diffusé dans tout l'environnement, ce qui fait que recueil et livret cohabitent.


Bonsoir Noel,

While Italy is disappointing France, you know that I'm peaceful ;) so I'm looping your request directly to Mathieu, that I think is currently working on the French localization of the new material zone. if he's not the one, I'm sure he'll redirect your request to the right one.

Take care :)


What are resources in Geogebra ?

Is this an Activity or a Book?

Or are resources items within an Activity or Book - or are these stand-alone?

Is a resource a file or a set of files? Can these be any files of type .ggb .ggt .pdf .jpg .png .txt .xml etc ?

Please explain how resources, activities and books relate to each other in Geogebra or point to some documentation about this? Thanks.


A resource is every kind of material you want to upload on our platform. You can upload a ggb file directly from your app, or create an interactive activity online, using the available editor.

An interactive activity may contain texts, one or more ggb applets, videos (linked), questions, PDF files, etc...

Here you can find the Tutorials related to how to create online activities, and collect them in a GeoGebra Book.

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