Proposed Feature for Investigative Exploratory Learning : Image Upload Controls

lewws shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


Currently online material can allow upload of image for investigative exploration.

On upload, the image automatically assigned 2 points at Corner 1 and Corner 2 of the image.

By dragging image or points assigned to Corner 1 and 2 the student can move object or change its size. He can also assign Corner 4 to some point of his choice via right click and calling object properties.

For younger students and occasional users, editing Image properties on Corners is not intuitive.

As designer, when student upload image, there is no control over the two points created and the image uploaded unless Javascript code with listeners and other methods to identify new objects are written.

To let designers have more control over image at design time, so that younger student can manipulate image with more interactivity planned by designer, I suggest a new Geogebra command/script that can assign an image new x, y coordinate values, or points to Corners 1, 2 and 4. (Existing only allow for SetCoords (x, y) for Corner 1).

See earlier thread for earlier request

Hope this can be reconsidered, or something similar that allows greater flexibility to create even more interactive exploratory/investigative activities that use image uploads.



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