Properties of coordinate-axes

PaPaJuL shared this problem 2 years ago

Hey Guys,

I'm currently trying to implement different GeoGebra Animations into a video via Chroma-Keying. Especially in 3D-Animations the axes are pretty important for obvious reasons, but since their weight is pretty low they can't be made visible without creating blurry green borders around every object. Changing their Color via "SetColor(xAxis,0,0,0)" etc. is no problem, but setting the weight with "SetLineThickness(xAxis,10)" doesn't do anything. Even using absurd numbers like 100 has absolutely no effect.

Creating custom axes creates unnecessary complications with zooming as the axis-tips can get out of the displayed area. Also you cant use custom labels in 3D-Graphics as they dont stick to the object while rotating the view like object labels do.

Is it possible to make the properties of axes easily accesible in their corresponding menu? Would be greatly appreciated!

Have a nice evening everyone (:

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