Proleme en téléversant une activité

ihage shared this question 1 year ago


En téléversant l'activité multipages attachée et en passant à la page suivante, une erreur s'est produite. L'image attchée montre l'écran obtenu.

Quelqu'un peut-t-il m'expliquer le pourquoi de la chose ? Merci.

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Had the same problem uploading your file on my profile. The problem is in SetPerspective command that you've placed on line 2 of the scripting of the button. Maybe it isn't recognized when online.

Just some random thoughts:

- since it seems you're just using Graphics View, try deleting that command and keep just the Graphics View open in your file

- try to avoid assignments like page=page+1. Use SetValue instead, to make the construction more efficient (SetValue doesn't recalculate the whole contents of the file any time, while an assignment does it.)


Yes, removing that line with SetPerspective works

Anyway I'll ask the devs about SetPerspective when the file is executed online.


Hi Simona

Thank for your indication about SetPerspective. When this command was deleted, the activity goes well.

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