Program tilter, når jeg vælger : VIS - 3D grafrik

nrspost shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

får en fejlmeddelelse, se vedhæftede

og problem virker ikke længere.

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This is related to your graphic card drivers, usually in version 5.

In some cases, it works clicking OK on the error message and do the same more than once (usually 4/5 times) till everything starts working fine again.

If this doesn't work, try updating your graphic drivers to the latest version (or, if it still doesn't work, try downgrading them to a working version).

GeoGebra 6 functions differently, and the graphic card bug doesn't affect it. So using version 6 of GeoGebra should fix it anyway. You can download it from here (except Classic 5, all the other GeoGebra apps are version 6)

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