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marcelmel2 shared this problem 2 years ago
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Die Funktion Produkt() wird in der Algebra-Ansicht für n=1 ausgewertet, obwohl i>n.

The function product() evaluates for n=1 despite i>2, but only in Algebra-View.

79633a4d29e62ccd325e17485c6a460bAnmerkungen/ remarks:

1) Der Ausdruck wurde zuerst von Geogebra 5 in die Algebra-Ansicht von Geogebra 6 kopiert und dann noch mal dort in die CAS-Ansicht, woraufhin sich die Formatierung nochmal änderte. (Produkt –> π) copy from Geogebra 5 into the Algebra-View then copy to the CAS-View.

2) Geogebra 5 verhält sich identisch.

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Simpler test-case

Sequence(Product(4^i, i, 2, n), n, 1, 1)

You need to make sure the last argument is always greater than or equal to the penultimate argument


Dear Micheal,

I don't understand your answer. In your example there is the same problem. The evaluation of the formula depends on the view. In the algebra window I get 16 and the CAS window 1, as it should be.

I know that the running index i can't be bigger than n. But in this specific case I need the formula to be like this. Mathematically there is no problem, as shows the CAS view.

I just wanted to point out to the developers that there is this difference in behavior.

Best regards, Bernhard


Thanks, but if you use a wrong syntax then you may get unexpected results eg

Product(4^i, i, 2, 1)
Sequence(4^i, i, 2, 1)

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