Problems with students turning in assignments done in Google Classroom

alexander.wilson shared this question 5 years ago

I just piloted a Dynamic Worksheet as an assignment in Google Classroom. About a quarter of my kids had a problem turning in the assignment at the end as the 'Turn In' button was missing from the bottom. Some had not had the 'Sign In' box pop up at any stage and lost work when they tried to refresh to make it appear. This was my first time trying it and I would really appreciate having a procedure that I can talk them through at the start to make sure that it works reliably.

What is the correct workflow that they should follow to ensure that the button appears. E.g. 1) Sign in to Chrome; 2) Open a Geogebra page and sign in; 3) Open Geogebra assignment from Classroom; 4) If Sign in dialogue does not appear, refresh screen until it does so...

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Since posting this I've seen the similar topic at

Zbynek indicates that the problem had been fixed, which was not my experience.

To add to the above information:

- Students using Google Chrome browser on MacBook Pros

- Students were signed into the Chrome browser with their school gmail-hosted email address

- None of the students were first time users of Geogebra having used it throughout the unit

- It was the first time for them to do a Geogebra Dynamic Worksheet, previous work having been done through the Geogebra Maths App from the Chrome store

- It was the first time for them to go into anything to do with Geogebra via a Google Classroom Assignment

Please let me know if further information would help.


Same problem. I haven't been able to consistently post a Geogebra worksheet to Google Classroom using the Share process. The GeoGebra worksheets that I have been able to post, can't be edited by students and they do not see a "Turn - In" button. Have been using GeoGebra everyday in the class - so I and the students are familiar with the software but the connection with Classroom is poor. The different platforms Web, iPad, Laptop seems to add to the confusion.


I tried my second class yesterday and the following procedure worked for me:

1) restart all computers

2) sign into Chrome

3) open the Geogebra Chrome app

4) make sure that they're signed in to Geogebra

5) open Google Classroom

6) open assignment's attached Dynamic Worksheet

7) if the pop-up 'Sign in' window doesn't appear keep hitting refresh until it does.

I don't know whether the last stage alone would have sufficed, I was trying to do everything that I thought might help my chances of having it work!

When it did work I thought it was fantastic. I thoroughly appreciate the hard work that the Geogebra team has put in to make and continue to evolve their system.


OK - managed to get a worksheet to Classroom by using Chrome and Laptop; won't work from iPad or a different browser - you might want to make that clear to users.

Now - students have the worksheet - but no menu controls are available and no "Turn In" button - so they can not edit the worksheet or return it.  Any ideas.


On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:30 AM, GeoGebra Support wrote:


Thank you all for you feedback!

The case that the turn in button is not shown can happen currently when you open the worksheet while you are logged in as the teacher. In this case the user icon for switching the account is also not shown. I guess we should change that and always show the user-icon in order to avoid this confusing situation.

However, this can usually not happen for students that use another computer than the teacher where the teacher was never logged in or when the teacher signs out before handing over the computer to the student.

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