Problems with opening saved project

Marte Jørgensen shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

I want to report a bug when saving files locally or in onedrive. If I open the file directly, it appears empty. Whereas if I start by loading the program, and THEN open the file IN the program, the content is there. A bit confusing, that. :)

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If you are using Classic 6, File->Open is the correct way to open files.

If you aren't, please explain more about your app and Os. Also, please check your file associations.


I know that. But the students don't. They open the projects by double clicking the file in explorer, and see an empty file. If this is a bug it's possible to fix, it would be reasonable to do so.


It's not a bug, I guess. It's this way so that GeoGebra v.5 and v.6 can live together on the same computer.

If your students have just GeoGebra v.6 on their computer and no more v.5, they might modify the default file association of .ggb and .ggt files to GeoGebra 6, that is this file:


(to locate the directory, every student should substitute USERNAME with their username in the computer.

However, this is a suggestion I wouldn't give to my students, :) because I'm quite sure that someone would mess things while changing file associations on their computers. I just would say: "To open a GeoGebra file, please select the menu icon, then File->Open".

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