Problem with embedded applets in PC-Chrome-Browser

suzhouking shared this question 2 years ago

A Problem, that only happens by using the PC-Chrome-Browser: The FIRST operation on the geogebra-applet (for example drawing a circle) after loading the worksheet misbehave. Try it by yourself: Load the attached worksheet in the PC-Chrome-Browser an then do:

Select the circle-tool (circle given by two points) -> click on the given point A -> suddenly a circle is drawn without doing any more

How can this be avoided?

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cuando haces clic en A, la pantalla es movida para centrar el applet y se produce otro clic en el punto llamado C. es un defecto producido por la combinacion del tamaño del applet y el tamaño de la pantalla

si haces clic primero en pantalla completa y luego seleccionas la herramienta y el punto A no se produce el error. Intenta ajustar los tamaños o evitar con el html que se centre el applet en la pantalla


It works fine here:

Please try simplifying your example until it works then you will know where the problem is

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