Problems with [alt] key + numeric keypad

Jaime shared this idea 6 years ago

Hello on a Spanish keyboard (PC) the [alt] + numerical keyboard sequences fail for example

x + Alt + 94 -> x^

with GeoGebra

x + Alt + 94 -> xί δ

I take this post, to suggest that in the edition of expressions in the CAS view, it is allowed to do UNDO [ctrl]+[z] and REDO, since you have to constantly pass the keyboard to use the mouse to modify the expressions entered in the line Input and output data

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Thanks, Alt-94 fixed for next release



Other small suggestions

The symbols (), {} and [] place them individually

alt+40 -> () // current

alt+40 -> ( // next

alt+91 -> [] // current

alt+91-> [ // next

alt+123 -> {}// current

alt+123-> { // next

For those who use Latin characters, it is very difficult to remember the equivalent number ASCII, also many PCs in mathrooms have the keyboard in English and non-Latin (Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.) please add an ASCCI table in the virtual keyboard Similar to that shown by the calculator hp_prime xcas


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