Problems in Latex formula copy-paste in GeoGebra 6

Kari_Vee shared this problem 4 weeks ago


I tried the Latex formula copy-paste capability available in GeoGebra 6, which is a great function for Latex users.

However, there seem to be some problems:

  • A simple Latex multiplication like a=b\cdot c

    incorrectly produces a=b\cdot *c instead of a=b*c

    However, some other cases produce the correct result, like this one

    \textcolor{#000000}{a=b\cdot c}

    Funny results are produced for a=b\cdot c \\ i.e. a=b*c*new*line*new*line

  • Using capital Greek letters doesn't seem to work. For instance R=1.23\ \Omega produces R=1.23*­- thus dropping the Omega-sign for ohm. That is, it should produce R=1.23 Ω

  • \left|x\right| incorrectly produces abs(x||) instead of abs(x) or |x|
  • \sqrt[3]{8} incorrectly produces nroot(,(8,3)) instead of nroot(8,3)

  • Question: Is this Latex-formula copy-paste capability described somewhere in the GeoGebra documentation?

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Thank you. Looped to the developers.


I forgot another one, namely:

k=\binom{5}{3} is incorrectly translated into k=5/3 instead of k=nCr(5,3). This is dangerous, because it may look correct at a quick glance.

I originally thought that this functionality could be implemented for GeoGebra 5, where its is not supported, see


I found another problem:

\log_{3}{b} is incorrectly translated into log from 3 to ?b instead of log(3,b)


Thanks, please let us know if anything else you need doesn't work:

Another option (if you just need display) is to paste it into the Text Tool

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