Probleme Geogebra 6.0.637.0, V5.0.637.0 OK ?

shollyhit shared this question 2 years ago


Windows 10, I3 8100, 8GB, SSD

J'utilise Geogebra avec plaisir depuis bientôt deux ans.

Avant hier? :-), 20/04/2021, après avoir lancé _avec_succes_ un .ggb local, geogebra a cessé de fonctionner, les occurrences de geogebra.exe s'accumulant en memoire (gestionnaire de taches), taches qu'il faut 'fermer à la main'.

Il est probable que c'est un simple problème de mise à jour(updater)/installation qui ne se fait pas correctement ? (j'ai effacé tout /local/geogebra/ et tout /roaming/geogebra/ avant de réinstaller et téléchargé les version 6.0.637.0 sur le site geogebra, comme indiqué dans un autre fils de ce forum)

Je ne trouve pas de répertoire c:\Program Files (x86)\GeoGebra 6.0\

Et l'icone du bureau pointe sur l'Updater.Exe dans appdatas/local/ où se trouvent tous les fichiers geogebra.

Ai-je interrompu trop tôt la mise à jour installation ? (j'ai fait plusieurs essais).

Pas de problème avec la version en ligne.

La version 6 est plus joulie joulie que la version 5 !

Sholly :-)

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I had the same problem.

Right click on the icon of ggb 6, them have a look at the path of the file.

Make sure that the version number is 637.

In my case it was a different one.



Me the spik the inglisse the very the goode !

May 6, 01CET, nothing changed with version 6.0.640.0 I just download, after running


The desktop icon points to

C:\Users\....\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\Update.exe --processStart="GeoGebra.exe

No warning of nothing ! I need to use the task manager to close many 'geogebra(32bits)' opened tasks.

With version 5, everything is installed in c:\Program Files (x86)\GeoGebra 5.0\ and the desktop icon points to

c:\Program Files (x86)\GeoGebra 5.0\

Me the hope the clear I the was




My icon on the desktop currently points to

C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\Update.exe --processStart="C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\app-6.0.637\GeoGebra.exe"

Yes, I've not updated it because I was using version 5 in these last days. I guess that you should have the same.

It seems that the path in your linked file is not correct.

Try using my string for your linked file, and use the current version of ggb in your device.

Me the hope the clear I the was (I want the Baby Yoda emoticon, but this is a maths forum, and we are serious :D )




I use the version 5 too now but i prefer the version 6 which I lost.

I don't understand what you mean by "my string" (not a joke).

Anyway, it seems there is a problem in the install file, it unpacks all the files in c:/user/.../appdatas/local/geobegra ... but do not go further ? Nothing in c:/programm files(x86)/, not even the 'Geogebra 6' directory is created.

Thank you for your help, I will wait a while and try again in one week or two, there is no hurry !



Ta-da! I have it, too, today.


To make it work, replace all the text in the Destination box with:

C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\Update.exe --processStart="C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_6\app-6.0.640\GeoGebra.exe"

(Using your Windows name in place of the ...)

As "string" I meant that. Some text.

It worked here :) and if you browse your computer following the same exact path, the ggb directory should be there.

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