Problema se replica las mismas herramientas por donde paso el cursor

Adrian Santiago Ortega Soto shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

La aplicación empieza a buggearse a la hora de seleccionar iconos y es imposible trabajar de esa forma

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This seems to be an issue related to your graphic card drivers.

Try updating them.

Also, try version 6:


Also you can try this

Hello there dear users of GeoGebra!

This is a very short guide for how to fix the annoying graphical bug that has been occuring for many users over the last year or so. I've had this problem myself, and since seemingly no one has been able to solve it I decided to do it myself. Here is how:

Find where your "GeoGebra.exe" file is located.
Right click "GeoGebra.exe" and press "properties".
Left click on "compatibility".
Tick "compatibility mode" and set to Windows 95. This is VERY important as the other options wil not solve the problem.
Tick "run this program as administrator" to make sure the program is running correct.
Enjoy your now fully-functioning GeoGebra!

(Sorry if some words are incorrect, my native language is not English)

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