Problem with moodle 3.1 quiz question

katgeog shared this question 2 years ago

I am having similar issues. I have a geogebra applet that works fine in geogebra. Here is a link:

When view and attempt the problem in geogebra, the user can place the blue points A', B' and C' on the grey points A', B' and C' and the boolean values correctly show as true or false.

When I enter the applet into moodle as a quiz question and hit preview, I can place the points and see that the boolean values correctly show as true or false BUT when I hit submit, the question changes (random values are recomputed) and the boolean values reset.

I can't get the question to grade. I also do not want the user to ever see a second question. The random values all change on submit instead of staying the same and grading.

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RandomBetween[ <Minimum Integer> , <Maximum Integer> , <Boolean Fixed> ] If Boolean Fixed = "true", it generates a random integer between minimum and maximum (inclusive), which is updated just once (when file is loaded and also on undo/redo).saludos


This worked on my moodle 3.2 test site but not on my moodle 3.1 production site. It still created a new triangle on submit but it did grade the attempt correctly before a new triangle was created. Thank you.


Actually it didn't work.

Can anyone post a .ggb file that works on a moodle quiz question? When I watch youtube videos, it shows that a check button should show up. I do not see a check button in my moodle when previewing the question.

The question always just resets when I click submit and it always shows as incorrect even when I can see it is correct with the true and false values on my variables. I tried to set my random integers to boolean fixed but the problem still resets on submit and grades the problem as incorrect.


Bump. Would love to be able to have access to a working .ggb file, to see how it works (knowing that it works, and it's not me being a tyro).

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