Problem with Mac's shortcuts in GeoGebra Classic 6

liangchen2357 shared this problem 4 years ago

Hello! I had just installed Geogebra 6 on my Mac, and I really like the new design of this version.

However, I want to address an issue in my experience with GeoGebra 6 that, control key is used in shortcuts instead of command key, while command key should be used on Mac.

For examples:

  • Copy becomes ctrl+c, instead of cmd+c.
  • Save becomes ctrl+s.
  • it's unable to close or minimize the window using cmd+w or cmd+m, like other Mac applications.

As a Mac user, I prefer and had been always using "command key" for those shortcuts, and in GeoGebra 5 it works perfectly. Plus, in GeoGebra's Manual of shortcuts, command key is shown under Mac Desktop section.

So I really hope this issue can be fix in future updates, or maybe if I'm missing something I don't know, and someone can solve this issue.


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