Problem with [line(Point,DirectionVector)] command, GeoGebra 3D

Jero shared this problem 4 years ago
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On the desktop app as well as in the online app the [line (<Point>,<Direction vector>)] command is malfunctioning. The entered parameters for the direction are modified when executing.

The 3rd parameter seems to be the problem, as it will sustract 1 to the number that was enterred, for example, if you type (1,1,1) GeoGebra will use (1,1,0) as your Direction vector instead.

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you are using line(point,point) if you want line trough (0,0,1) with direction (1,1,1) you must type

Line((0, 0, 1), Vector((1, 1, 1)))

if you have u=(1,1,1) as vector in the algebra list you can type line((0,0,1),u)

when you type u=(1,1,1) you get a vector by default; when you type (1,1,1) or U=(1,1,1) you get a point


Thanks a lot!

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