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dbelavic shared this question 7 years ago


I have problem with veiwing geogebrabook. I can see only the first aplet in chapter. This problem exists only in two geogebraebooks. On other geogebrabook it works just fine.

Problem I have on all computers in school ( win7 - firefox or chrome - newest version)

And on iPad ( os 7.1 .. Safari or chrome ). On my computer (win 8) everything is ok.

Problem started on wednsday 10.12.

Before then everything was working just fine every day.

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I find problem. And solution. :)

Sometimes I find book trough google typeing pitagorin poučak geogebra

and I got this link

But this link is makeing problems.

There is a new link (for the same thing)!

And this link works just fine.

So it is better to write in google ... geogebratube or just go directy to geogebrabook.

Why this is happening?

Anyone knows?


Thanks, we fixed the issue with the URL containing

Now both URLs should work fine.

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