Problem with Geogebra on debian 10

Alejandro Arcos shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi everyone

After install Geogebra from repositories, I think successfully, when run from CLI show message below:~$ geogebra-classic

[14287:0905/] The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Rather than run without sandboxing I'm aborting now. You need to make sure that /usr/share/geogebra-classic/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755.

Trace/breakpoint trap

I have found this solve path but I don't apply

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Thank you, looped to the Support Team


I was having the same problem as OP on debian 10, but the following did works for me :

cd /usr/share/geogebra-classic/
sudo chown root:root chrome-sandbox
sudo chmod 4755 chrome-sandbox

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