Problem with configuring Geogebra with Eclipse Java

Paul King shared this problem 5 years ago
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(NOTE: This was a re-posting of an earlier "question", which I feel was mis-categorized as such, but I could not re-edit the message to change the "Topic" label to change it to "Problem". Apologies for any confusion.)

I am a newbie in Geogebra and would like to teach myself the scripting language they have. I noticed that Eclipse has capability to form a programming environment for Geogebra, and I was wondering if anyone found difficulties in getting Eclipse to fully work out. I am following instructions on the page to set up Eclipse.

I run into problems at the start of step 6, where I am supposed to -- well, knowing what I am supposed to do is ambiguous. The beginning (where I am stuck) says:

File -> Import -> Gradle -> Gradle project Select the "geogebra" folder from the workspace (i. e., enter something like C:\workspace\geogebra for Root folder). Click on "Build model".

I feel it is ambiguous in the sense that it is not clear what goal is intended for this set of steps. It would be nice to know what the goal here is, in case there I might find another way to do this. The instructions later say "many extra packages" will be downloaded, some 120 megs apparently. If I could have a list and where they are installed (assuming not all are exactly in the root .../geogebra/ folder), this could be done by hand, although a fair bit more slowly :smile:.

On my interface, if I click on "File" then on "Import ..." it leads me to a dialog. I select Gradle from the list, and under that it says "Existing Gradle Project". I select that, though I have never programmed using Gradle in my life, so I am unsure why one would "exist".

Clicking on "Next" leads me to another dialog, which asks me for the project root directory. So I give it the one for Geogebra that was installed earlier under my existing workspace directory. Once I do, there is no button which says "Build Model". The "Finish" button is active, but clicking on that does nothing at all. The Next button is also active, but the instructions given says nothing about the dialogs they lead to.

So first off, am I even in the right place that the instructions intended? I am using Eclipse Java Oxygen 4.7.2. Is that the version used in the instructions? I am also using Windows 7 SP1.


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You don't need to install Eclipse, just see:


That is for writing scripts inside the Geogebra application. I was in fact intending for an interactive interface to show up on a web page. Hence the extra trouble. My course is online. However, I still think this is a great suggestion, since I also wanted to learn about how scripts are written inside the application also.

Hopefully, I am not the only one who has encountered this problem.


what is the resolution when it the inx says "Build Model" on a Windows 10, Eclipse...... is there an answer? not to install eclipse...hello?

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