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Böszörményi Balázs shared this question 2 years ago
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I have this problem for a while, but i didn't have time to sign.

If I try to change an objects position or the condition to show, dynamic colors etc the first one or two work, but very early the other changes don't seems, and the system ignore them.

If I reload the page (after saving) the problem become solved, but after one or two action it's starting again.

In the desktop version of geogebra classic is the same situation.

It's very slow and disturbing to reload so often.

Has anybody similar problem or it's just mine?

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Please add a file, or post the link to the online file that shows issues.


The files don't show issues because the system is ignoring my changes. For example: i want to change an object's condition to show, typing a==2 (a is a random number), hit enter, and the text disappears. If I save the file, reopen, then i can make changes for a while, but very soon the same situation come again.

This problem has began about october, erlier everything was good.

With this online file is the same problem:


i want to change an object's condition to show

Which object?

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