Prevent Angle Size from changing

scruz10 shared this question 1 week ago

Anyone have an idea of how to prevent the angle sizes from changing when you move the points in the attachment? (I know the degrees will change, but I don't want the arc to change size when the points are moved). Any advice would be helpful!

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I think that this is not possible if you use "standard" angle representation, I mean if you create angles using the Tool or the Command in GeoGebra, because (if I'm not wrong) their dimension is proportional to the distance of the vertex to the points that define the angle width.

You could make a workaround creating circular sectors with fixed radius instead of the default ggb angles, then hide the original angles, that you will use only for algebraic purpose.


Maybe you are looking for something like in the attachment

There are a lot different technical and logical solution. The target is not unique.

This technical solution works with scripts, one for each point.


the trick: create the angles with hided points at constant distances

Files: foro.ggb
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