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I usually do heavy editing of buttons using javascript, and i noticed something that made testing js buttons annoying. I recorded a gif to demonstrate the problem. See it bellow.

Basically when you click a button

1) it is automatically unselected

2) the preferences windows change from Elements properties do View Properties.

I can solve 1 by adding a line on the script ggbApplet.evalCommand("SelectObjects[]"). The biggest problem is 2. Clicking the right properties windows can be tiresome when you're testing a complex js code and need to click the button more than a hundred times.

So i think it would be nice if the properties windows didn't change at all. I know this doesn't affect much users, but maybe it's something not that hard to change.

(I inserted and image in this post, but in case something goes wrong, theres a link to the img on my Dropbox.)



Anyway, thanks a lot for your attention!

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Is it better if you select the button with a selection rectangle?

BTW you can then use <Space> to run the script, and hold it down for lots of times


Thanks for your reply! :)

I can't for some reason select buttons with a selection rectangle. But i don't think that's a problem. The spacebar trick worked on some constructions, but didn't on other. There's a link to a gif below, demonstrating that.


In the second construction, after pressing space bar and executing the button's script, P_2 is selected, wich is, if i recall correctly, the first element i created in the construction. At least the preferences window doesn't change tabs.

This also happens with the other buttons.I tried to solve this by adding on the buttons a command to select themselves. For ex:

On the "AlterarAltura" button the following code:


but it didn't work. I also tried to add that command to a separate button, but it still didn't. I tried changing the object name parameter to the object caption, but with no sucess.

Here's a gif proving that


I also tried adding " to the parameter


but with no success.

Now i for a probably more serious thing:

I tried it on a new construction and it did worked. This is bad for:

1) Why it's working only on some constructions?

2) I found a bug when after commenting a line, the 2D view was not being updated correctly. Check the gif:

See the gif below and note how the preferences windows changes again and nothing is selected.


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