possible glitches in new tool (coil tool)

pfb shared this problem 5 years ago


I'm trying to create a new tool that does the following: upon selecting two points it draws a "coil" joining them, letting you choose the number of windings in the coil and its radius.

I think it would be really useful to create figures for physics exercises about mechanics and circuits.

I was actually able to create it, mostly. I have the ggt file, but I seem to notice some glitches.

1) upon loading the tool, no button would show in the toolbar. However, if I open "manage tool" the tool is there, and the "show in toolbar" is checked. Also, the tool is present (and works) from the input field. It works like "Circle with Center and Radius".

2) After I load the ggt file I am able to have the tool appear in the toolbar via the "customize toolbar ..." menu. However, the default wrench icon is bigger than the others. This also happened when I was creating the tool, albeit not every time. Sometimes the icon has the same size as the other icons, sometimes it is bigger (and the look of it is really ugly).

I can see two possible origins for the problem.

a) I changed the default settings for geogebra: the font size is 20 and the menu font size is 16 (otherwise when I project geogebra during class everything is too small to be readable).

b) the ggb file where I created the tool contains another tool ("CoilTool", a previous attempt at the same tool). There is no way I can get rid of that.

In this respect, I cannot understand the role of the "open" and "delete" buttons in "Manage Tools". If I try to delete "CoilTool" I get the following Error

  1. Following tools were used to create selected objects and cannot be deleted:
  2. CoilTool: Point, Point, Number, Number

If I click ok nothing is deleted.

Also, I cannot tell the difference from "Open" in the "ManageTool" dialog box and "Open" in the main file menu.

Thanks for any insight

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