Positioning of object label tags in 3D mode

Axcel shared this question 4 years ago
Needs Answer

Hi there,

Under which circumstances is it possible to move/drag the native little label tag near an object in 3D mode? Apparently, it is not always possible to do that. Sometimes it works after restarting GeoGebra but it's probably just me who does not understand under which conditions it is possible.

Furthermore, is there a way to tell GeoGebra where to place the native object label tag by default?

Example: if you create an arc on the surface of a sphere, the label tag will always appear by default near one end. I would like to have it near the center of the arc and still being able to move/drag it around that mid-point. I know there is a work-around by placing that mid-point manually and labelling it with the name of the object but it's not the ideal solution to me.

I would like to have the option to place the label tag near one of the points the shape is made of (Drop-down-list as on the "Position" tab for text labels) or to place it in the (geometric) center of all these points.

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