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Hi! I can't seem to simply plot a point--without a vector being drawn--in 3D using GC6 on Mac. I've tried providing just the coordinates: (1,2,3); providing the coordinates with an assignment: P=(1,2,3); usng the Point function by itself: P=Point((1,2,3)) (with and without the additional parentheses); and, as I found elsewhere in the forum, using the Point function on the Vector function: P=Point(Vector(1,2,3),1); all of them give me a vector instead of just the point, and when I try to edit the properties to display just the end point without line or arrow, the interface doesn't show me any way to control anything about either the arrow or the endpoints, only the line. What gives? Thanks!

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I can't replicate your issue in v.6 Classic for Windows.

The only suggestion that is currently coming to my mind is to avoid using lowercase letters to define points names.

If you enter p=(1,2,3) you get a vector, if you type P=(1,2,3) you get a point.

Point command doesn't create a point if you enter its coordinates as parameters. See https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...

Please post your file.


you do not must to use point() for creating a point

this command is for points over objects like a point over a circle

for a point type simply (1,2,3)


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