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mikkelstouby shared this problem 3 years ago

In Geogebra Classic 5.0.387.0-d:

Input f(x)=2x+1 and g(x)=-3x+5.

Use intersect tool to mark the point of intersection.

Then input B=Intersect(f,g).

No point B seems to e created. Is that intentional?

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Sorry, I have the same version in Windows 10 and wasn't able to replicate your issue.

Your OS?


I can replicate it (with older version). If the intersection point of two linear functions is already created by tool, it is impossible to create the same point once more (not by command and not by tool again).

This is not a problem with lines, but with linear (and other) functions.


Ok. Now I see it. The point is created in Algebra View, but it isn't displayed in Graphics View.

Just adding a thing for the devs.

- Enter two linear functions

- Use the intersect tool to create the intersection point -> Point is displayed in both AV and EV

- Enter B=Intersect(f,g) -> Point B is created in AV and not displayed in EV

- Enter just Intersect(f,g) avoiding to assign a name to the new object -> Nothing is created nor displayed both in AV and EV

Thank you. I'm handing over this to the Developers.

Devs, this is the file. Intersection with polynomial functions and lines seems to be not working whenever you create an intersection using the Command after having used the Tool.

Everything seems to be working fine when I add a "start point" as a guess for intersection, or the Tool does it by itself :; (see the objects definitions in AV and the corresponding shown/ not-shown points in EV)

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