Point in region bug (regression?)

dqnykamp shared this question 6 years ago
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Say I have a region defined as

region: (x > xmin) ∧ (x < xmax) ∧ (y > ymin) ∧ (y < ymax)

Attempting to create a point as


leaves A as undefined. However, I can use the Point on Object tool to create such a point, which is then defined as PointIn[region]

However, if I change one of the numbers xmin, xmax, etc., to redefine the region so that the point is no longer in the region, it becomes undefined. I'm pretty certain that the old behavior used to be that the point would be moved to stay within the region. (I can run a SetCoords to make the point defined again.)

Can we have the old behavior back or is there a reason for the change? In my view, it is a bug.




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