Plotting Graph with Date along the Abscissa?

bkpsusmitaa shared this question 7 months ago

Searched GeoGebra topics with strings like "Plot with Date", "plot date abscissa" and so on. With both GeoGebra search engine and Google Search Engine. Couldn't find.

Is this possible? Plotting Graph with Date along the Abscissa?

Say, if I wish to plot stock market data with Date along the x-axis? Real data, some days stock market remain closed. That will be served by a continuum, not (0,0).

Or the Daily Maximum or Minimum Temperature chart?

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Hi bkpsusmitaa!

As far as I know this is only possible in a limited way, so you have to do it "manually" by hiding the standard and creating a new axis.

I think that this worksheet of the user rami may help you by doing this:

Hope that helps you and kind regards



Thanks for responding. Checked the file. I continue to use an old version of GeoGebra that was available with my Knoppix 7.2.0. Shouldn't be an issue, but is.

Could you please provide with a sample?


Thank you, Sir, Mr. Borcherds, for suggesting to upgrade. I appreciate.

But are we not digressing from the original question?

Is it not possible to set date in the abscissa (irrespective of the version of GeoGebra)?

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