Plotting an infinite sequence of points

GreenSquid shared this question 3 years ago


I'm trying to plot an infinite sequence of points but somehow the command that I use returns me an undefined product.

Here's the command: Sequence((3)/(n^(3))-(2)/(n^(2))+(1)/(n),n,1,infty). So I'm using the command of a sequence where I can specify the expression, variable and starting and ending values. I believe the problem lies in "infty", but I'm not sure. Maybe I'm only allowed to write finite values in the starting and ending entries.

So how do I plot this infinite sequence?

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Indeed inf is not allowed. Use e.g. 100 and you'll get a sequence of numbers. But speaking of plotting, numbers cannot be plotted. So you need (x,y) coördinates instead of numbers.



Instead of an infinite sequence for this expression you can create a function.

Functions allow infinity and also the command Asymptote()

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