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David Klapheck shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hello GeoGebra team,

I sometimes embed a blank GeoGebra file in MyOpenMath for my statistics course. For example, [EMBED:;

I am having trouble with the "What's New" pop up. On the embedded screen on a cellphone it is sometimes impossible to select the OK to make the pop up go away.

Would you please take down this pop up to make your website more accessible.

Thank you.

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Maybe you haven't noticed but despite this alert a substantial deal of posts in the forum deals with this item. I don't know what developers could do more to inform, but it's a certain thing that still a lot of users have to be informed still. Please take a look at other posts in the forum and read what they are about.



The pop up says, "...we have removed geometric construction features." But that seems misleading because all of the Geometry Commands have been removed. This clause is also at the very bottom of the pop up. I don't think people read all the way through the pop up.

You may want to re-write the pop up warning to "We have moved geometric features to...." More than six words really taxes my attention. :)

It may be a hassle, but you can update the information on and in each of the commands listed there, so people know that these commands are available in Geometry (and CAS) not graphing.

CAS Specific Commands makes it clear that these commands are only found on CAS (and classic of course).

But getting back to my question. When will the pop up stop?


Yes, please remove it. It is so annoying to see it several times a day. Maybe store a cookie for the specified change and only show it if it wasn't discarded yet ?

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