Please make auto-closing parentheses OPTIONAL

Alexander Perl shared this idea 4 years ago

I appreciate your effort to prevent users from forgetting to close parentheses.

Sadly, this gets really annoying when you try to modify (for example, to correct a wrongly entered calculation) an input cell in CAS and it automatically adds a closing ")" after an opening "(", when you really just want to put an opening "(" in one position and then a closing ")" in some other position a bit to the right.

Right now, you have to create the "(" and then immediately delete the ")" to achieve that.

Please make this behaviour optional, so that it can be turned off in the Settings! I am by far not the only one who dislikes this feature (search the forum!)

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Please update to GeoGebra 6 and then you can select the expression you want before pressing "("

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