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How to write a condition to show the solution of discrepancies

advanced a≤x≤b ?

Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities

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writing a reaction on a picture is much more diffecult than on a GeoGebra file itself. So I just give it a try.

Typing the inequality in CAS the result of it is shown as a zone, not as a segment.

In the picture added I see that a segment is shown. I don't know how you drew it, but I suppose it's done based on calculation of the two endpoints. That's the way to do, there's no more direct way if that's your question.

But if you have a more specific question, ask it with the file itself included



What to type in the library box to show a Domain function ?


There's no command to calculate the domain of a function.

If you want to make exercises like in the picture added you could create multiple choice exercises with checkboxes, or just use it as an exercise in a textbook, with the possibility of showing the correct answer using a checkbox.

What's possible with domains is drawing a function with restricted domain with the command:

Function( <Function>, <Start x-Value>, <End x-Value> ), e.g. f(x)=(x², -2, 2)

I don't know if I understand well your question, but it seems I'm not the only one, since you asked it already in another thread and other persons tried to answer it


Probably it has something to do with the question itself...


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