Plane command misbehavior

master.meef.math.dijon shared this problem 5 years ago

Entering command Plane[z=0] works the same whatever view have focus (2D, 3D, table, CAS)

Plane[x=0] only works when the 3D view have focus. An error is reported otherwise which does not mimic the mathematically behavior.


- use x+0 z=0

- always focus on 3D view first


When command Plane receives as argument a line from the xy plane, it should return the plane containing that line and orthogonal to the xy plane.

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Thanks, Plane[x=0] fixed for next release.

Note that for a line defined previously a:x=0 the command Plane[a] will still fail.

(Also fixed Plane[x^2+y^2=1] which was giving an error, athough in most cases Plane[conic] makes sense only for conics outside the z=0 plane)

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