Pinch to zoom fails on iPad after drawing a line

robin.steed shared this problem 1 year ago
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Kill the previous session to reset Geogebra Classic,
  2. Pinch or spread two fingers to confirm zoom is working,
  3. Add any object other than an infinite line (or perpendicular line,etc)
  4. Pinching should still zoom,
  5. Add an infinite line (i.e. Line(A,B)),
  6. Pinching no longer zooms the view.

I suspect the endpoints of the line are somehow taken into consideration, leading to round off.

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I'm using the Classic 6.0.558.0 on an iPad Pro, and pinching to zoom, as well as the two fingers gesture don't work at all, even if I've a new blank GeoGebra worksheet.

Thank you, I'm looping this to the developers.


It's OK for me (iPad 3 and 6); in any case I suggest you upgrade to one of the newer GeoGebra apps


Hi Michael,

I tried again and it appears the steps I suggested weren't the cause. The onset appears to be more random. I should also note that I'm running iPadOS 13.

I have the other GeoGebra apps too, but they are too narrowly focused and the limitations aren't documented. However, I will play around in them a bit to see if the same issue arises.


Hi Robin

Same bug on iPad Air

(you only have to move graphics, and after you can zoom...)

Since the beginning, GeoGebra on iPad was the copy of GeoGebra on computer, and was not created for iPad.

Since the beginning, there is always little bugs always : it is not "fluid" and always irritating

GeoGebra developers saw since the beginning that it was impossible use this copy of GeoGebra correctly

It is (one of) the reason why they created separated versions of GeoGebra

And it is the reason why Michael always answer : "use newer GeoGebra apps"

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