PDF Export Trouble

nolan shared this question 1 year ago

Here's an unusual problem for you. When I export the attached GGB file as a PNG everything is fine.


But if I export it as a PDF the image gets rotated 180° and truncated, like this.


The settings I'm using are 5.118 units = 1 cm

The reason for that specific ratio is that I need the final image to be 2" wide, and I figured its better to have GeoGebra scale the image rather than having to resize it in another program.

Curiously, as the ratio decreases (ie. 4 units = 1 cm, 3 units = 1 cm, 2 units = 1cm) the exported PDF images actually get smaller:

And once the ratio gets to 2 units = 1 cm the image turns right side up.

One last tidbit. I found that if I opened the attached PDF in Inkscape rather than Acrobat or Foxit then the image wasn"t truncated.

Any ideas?

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Sorry, I don't think we'll be able to fix that.

Please try GeoGebra Classic 6https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...

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