Pascal's Triangle

leonardozanatta shared this question 2 years ago

Hello i need help.

My triangle is left aligned, i need it to be centered, with the first line on the center os my construction and the other lines symmetrical to the first one.

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See attachment.

The basic principle is simple.

Create a point for each number in a nested list and assign the Pascal values to each of these points.


The assignment to the point must be centered. That's a bit more complicated:

Centered use the command TableText().

All table element always has the same dimension and this dimension is the same as in the object Sample (2 lines and the first line has 10 blanks there are longer then the longest value)

In Sample, the vector for moving the right-justified text is formed. Because all elements have the same dimension as Sample the move vector is always the same (as in Sample). It is used when assigning point and value (in l2)


Extension possibility: consideration of pixel sizes and zoom.


Thank you very much, you help me a lot.

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