Particular polygonal spirals.

Dante Servi shared this idea 1 year ago

I just want to report some of my articles on this topic.

This is the link where you can find all my articles written so far, starting from the last published.

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Now I don't work anymore, I was a mechanical designer for many years.

Lately for about 25 years using Cad software.

I decided to report my articles to geogebra users and also to anyone I think may be of interest as I believe that my method, born by chance, deserves to be known.

From what I understand about geogebra, I think it is suitable to analyze my method for the part related to what I have defined the basic scheme useful for the initial study.

It does not seem to me that with geogebra it is possible to automate the realization of the various types of polygonal that can be obtained, I hope to be proved wrong or immediately or if someone wants it in the future.

The graphic method is the starting and study base but it is decidedly uncomfortable.

The articles I wrote on the subject are by no means exhaustive, I think I have only just started studying my method.

I hope it is enough to give an idea of ​​what it is, I trust not only in the second article but also in the fourth revision of the third and in the last two articles.

At this moment I have to devote myself to something else but I hope for the end of the year to be able to resume it, it will also depend on whether or not we are interested.


I have known the site and consequently the Geogebra application for about 20 days.

It has been pointed out to me as a possibility to make some of my articles known about my method of creating particular polygons.

Then I wanted to understand what the Geogebra application is that I really liked.

I'm sure it will be of great help to refresh and improve my now remote knowledge of mathematics.

To make a long story short with the help of some pdfs downloaded from the web I have already done some geometry exercises.

With those few Geogebra tools that I learned to use, I realized, according to my method, a polygonal with all its vertices in common with a logarithmic spiral.

For the moment I have limited myself to 36 segments which for a fixed angular pitch of 10 degrees mean a development that covers 360 degrees.

Using two sliders I gave the possibility to vary the distance between the starting point and the origin, and to vary the inclination of the segments.

I am sure that when I have more time and I have learned better to use Geogebra I will be able to use it to better illustrate my method (I think towards the end of 2020).

This my first work I tried to publish it on Geogebra with the title "Poligonale con tutti i suoi vertici in comune con una spirale logaritmica", however I am not convinced about the success of my publication.

I would also have liked to write two lines to explain its meaning and use, but I didn't see the possibility.


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