Opening files from Geogebra Classic on mobile 3D calculator app

Arisa Hirabayashi shared this question 2 years ago
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I used to be able to open my files created on Geogebra Classic on my phone through the 3D calculator app. I did this by searching the string of letters and numbers after the / on on the app. Now it says no results. How can I see my files on my 3D app?

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I've been told that GeoGebra is rebuilding its search index, and that's why the app is unable to locate your files. I was advised to first open the file in a browser (using the same mobile device) and then hold down "Open in App" (more details here). However, this process isn't working for me either, regardless of which browser I use. Namely, there's no option to "Open in 3D Calculator".

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