Opening error warning, but the applet works fine ?.

alex sunny shared this question 2 years ago
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it shows an error message while loading, which disappears once the applet is loaded. After that, I can use the applet without any trouble nor further error messages. So, the error is just in the preview image.

On the desktop version, the applet does not show any error while loading.

Inside the applet, I use a polinomial function called f4 which I analize using GeoGebra commands like Root, Extremum and TurningPoint.

It seems to me as if GeoGebra were trying to evaluate those commands before loading the polynomial, and therefore, throws an error.

Could it be that? Is there anything I can do to avoid showing this error warning?



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- What is 'it'? Platform, device...?- Sorry, but adding the file itself would be more helpful then the detailed information that a function is called f4 and a general information on 'commands like...'


Please post the link

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