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Hi there,

I'm having trouble when trying to open several files in Geogebra at once on my Mac, using Geogebra

If I try doing it from finder (mark several files and open them all at once as it works with other programs), Geogebra opens them one after the other but closes the last window each time before opening an new one so that in the end only the last file is opened (sometimes it also just freezes while opening...).

From the Geogebra open dialog it's not possible to mark several files at once (why??).

Has anyone else encountered this problem, how to solve it? I already tried to delete and reinstall the Geogebra-App which didn't help.

Thanks, Martin

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I still got the same issue one year later with 5.0.386.0... could any Mac user tell me if it's possible at all to open several files at once (-> something with my installation is wrong) or if your experience is the same as mine (-> please fix this error...).



Hi there,

I have the same issue. One way to go around is the following:

1. Open one file first.

2. If you want to open a second one simultaneously, go to Menu->File->New Window, from the file you just opened (this just opens an empty ggb file).

3. Go to Finder, and open the new file.


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