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Witam... mam takie pytanie..... czy istanieje możliwość usuwania tekstu napisanego "piórem" poprzez "przycisk".... chodzi mi o to, aby ten przycisk czyścił całą warstę... bez względu ile dodatkowo tam rzeczy umieszczę...

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I'm not sure about your request, because the automatic translation is not precise.

If you want a button to delete your drawings made with the pen tool, use the Delete command in a button.

To erase a portion of your notes created in the 16px-Menu_view_graphics Graphics View with the Pen Tool, press and hold the right mouse button while moving it on the notes you want to delete. Release the mouse button to finish. In order to delete the stroke you previously created, erase it totally in the 16px-Menu_view_graphics Graphics View, or use the Context Menu of the object, or just delete the corresponding item in 16px-Menu_view_algebra Algebra View.

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