On line material suddenly does not work.

themadmathematician shared this problem 3 years ago


In February I made a statistics material for a Swedish university and it worked fine then. No one has made any changes to it but now when we are looking at it again, it has developed problems.

The button and the input boxes do no longer respond at all (but the check boxes do). There is a javascript (JSampling) connected to the button. There is also a GeoGebra script (Hitta) connected to a dummy object. On update, the input boxes should run both these scripts via the RunClickScript command, However, both command button and input boxes remain "untouchable" and do not respond.

Has there been some changes in the programming environments since February that could cause this, or am I just missing something?


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Sorry, we fixed a bug - the "selection allowed" property was being ignored for Input Boxes and Buttons

(so you'll need to uncheck it for the non-working objects)


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