On geogebra.org: Published file acts differently than opened file

Sander Tacker shared this problem 2 years ago
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I wrote a GeoGebra file for pupils to practise identifying primes. If you get an answer false/wrong, a red/green flash feedback text appears for a short time. It all works fine (GeoGebra Classic 5.0.583.0-d on Windows 10).

When I upload the file to geogebra.org, the red/green feedback texts are not shown in my browser. But if I click in my browser on "..." --> "open with App", all works fine again (tested with several browsers).

See here.

I know the file is kind of complex to look into it. But my question is more general: Why does the "applet view" act differently that the "open with App"-view? What can I do to get the expected behaviour?


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I found the reason and solution of the problem myself.

Inside the javascript command

ggbApplet.evalCommand(" ... ")

I used the German command "Summe" which works perfectly if my profile on GeoGebra.org or on my Windows PC is set to German. However, the published file does not care of my profile and so only accepts the english command "Sum".

Now both views act the same. That was nasty!

Edit: I corrected the file in the public link of my first posting, so you can't reproduce the error any longer. But you can enjoy :wink:

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