Offline App does not load offline Files

markus.windisch shared this question 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

The newest version of Geogebra Classic does open when I double click an offline .ggb-file - but however it doesn't open the file itself.

Also the "export"-option is not handy, way too difficult. Why an offline app if it doesn't really work offline? I have a lot of material, organized besides other material for math lectures. Off- and online mixed just doesn't work for me. Is there an older version without the new "features"?

Thanks a lot!

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With 'the newest' version you mean GeoGebra 6 (number...)?

The issue of opening by double clicking is a matter of preferences. Automatically the setting bij Geogebra is that the extention ggb is attributed to GG Classic 6, unless you specify it differently to GG 5 yourself in the settings of your computer.If you don't like the feature export for an applet you want to use offline, you still an work with GeoGebra 5 Classic. You can even download both versions on you computer. But of course double click will always open your files only in the version according to your setting. You can always open the program GeoGebra first and then open a chosen file, regardless the version you used while creating it.


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