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Hash Ali shared this question 3 years ago

The official manual for Geogebra seems to have information that does not match the current online version.

I'm looking at the Dynamic Colors section. In the manual it says the Advanced tab has an Opacity setting, but there is no Opacity setting in here.

Are there separate manuals for the online versions (there seem to be two different online Geogebra apps) and the downloadable Geogebra application?


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The Opacity option depends on the object. You can set the opaciry of e.g. a polygon, but not of a point. Which type of object are you speaking about?

The manual deals mainly on the meaning of the tools and the commands and they are the same on all versions of GeoGebra (offline and online, Classic or apps). For the apps there are separate tutorials that focus mainly on the graphic users interface and the use of the specific apps while the commands and tools included are the same in all versions.

On you find all the versions of GeoGebra and the tutorials that are available.On you can dowload the version, depending on the type of computer, tablet or phone


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