oEmbed protocol on geogebra.org?

Nathan Bloomfield shared this idea 4 years ago
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Does geogebra.org support the oEmbed protocol?

I didn't see anything about this in the docs for embedding or in the Materials API reference, and only found one trac ticket about oEmbed support from 4 years ago. But I may be looking in the wrong place.

I ask because I'm working on a patch to WordPress' Jetpack plugin (enabled on all WordPress.com blogs) to integrate GeoGebra embeds, and oEmbed is the preferred way to do this. The above referenced trac ticket mentions WP support specifically. :) Here's a link to the discussion about this in the Jetpack project.

By the way, thanks everyone for your work on GeoGebra!

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Good timing :) We had recently similar request from another major oEmbed consumer and we plan to implement it soon.

(btw. our Trac tickets were moved to Jira and tickets related to server-side development are no longer public, but we will keep you updated.)


Woo! Thanks for the info. I'll be keeping an eye out.

Thank you for all your work! My students love GeoGebra. :)



I was wondering if there are any updates on the oEmbed endpoint. We are looking to integrate GeoGebra embeds into Sutori and an oEmbed endpoint would be very useful!

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