ODE, can you refer to the equation with a variable / can you change x?

Stefan shared this question 2 years ago
Needs Answer

Hi, when working with differential equations, can you refer to them ?

Like when you enter an equation, geogebra automatically calls it f(x)= and you can then refer to f. I would like to do this with differentials, eg. SolveODE(equation1) or solveODE($1) but I have not figured this out yet. The reason is that I often get homework where I first solve a differential, and then solve it again for certain points. So I have to type solveODE with the whole equation again?

And, can you change the x variable to something else with SolveODE? Sometimes, we need to use geogebra to solve for f(t) instead, and we need to provide screenshots of what we did. It would look better if I could change the x to t for that. But it seems geogebra automatically solves using x.

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